Visibility Resource Packs

Hi Everyone,Visibility Minecraft Resource Packs. As many will know this is the continuation of Thinkr's original pack. He has retired from maintaining it and wanted someone to continue this great texture pack. I accepted the challenge! I love the results and what a great base to start from.

Longavita approached me with so many excellent suggestions for the pack, he is now the official Design Adviser for the pack. I cannot thank him enough for his contributions and I am certain the pack will only get better thanks to his help.
This Minecraft Texture Packs focuses on making the game easier to play by having easily identifiable colors and textures.
Simple textures
Cleaner GUI
Borders around every block
Sun, moon and clouds point in the direction they are going
Ore and clay is much more visible
Wheat turns gold when grown
Credit: kyctarniq
Visibility x16 Simplistic Minecraft Resource Pack


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